About MasterMind Connections

MasterMind Connections is led and founded by Chad Coe. Chad has helped executives in transition for 15 years.

About Chad Coe

Chad CoeChad is a highly respected business coach and connector of business people. His personal mission is to inspire and motivate others to live their greatest lives by sharing his success strategies with enthusiasm, passion and optimism,

The Power of Peopletizing coverHe inspires success in others through encouraging and motivating others to assert themselves positively in the world and, ultimately, give back. He presides over several prominent networking groups and is the author of The Power of Peopletizing. Chad is a highly sought after keynote speaker whose keen insight into human interaction and making quality business connections is in great demand in today’s “Relationship Economy.”

Chad Coe is imbued with tremendous philanthropic spirit. He is the Founder and President of Special Kids Network, a fundraising arm for several charitable organizations that assist children with special needs.

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Invest in Others

MasterMind Groups

Through his Strategic Mastermind Groups, Chad’s goal is to use his enthusiasm, passion, optimism and success strategies to inspire and empower others to joyfully live their greatest lives and achieve their goals.

A Collection of Communities

MasterMind Groups are synergistic collections of executives. The groups meet weekly and provide their members with collaboration, connections, support and accountability for pursuing their goals more effectively.  Our members tell us that they gain a sense of a supportive community both within groups and within the MasterMind world as a whole.

Chad Coe describes the MasterMind experience.


MasterMind Connections Members

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